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"First and foremost, I want to thank those closest to me, my family, my true friends and my fans for standing by me and making it all possible. You made it happen!" -- DJ Whiz


To my Mom, A.K.A. "Penny", formerly of the world famous Platters:
Thanks for not giving up on me. I’m sorry for the things I put you through. Even though I almost ruined my life even after you moved us to Texas, I did take what you taught me, got my degree and made my life worthwhile.

P.S. I know now that the piano lessons at Compton College kept me off the streets and I thank you for it.

To my Dad, the late Reverend McFadden, who resided in Compton until his death:
Thanks for the good times; yes I do remember. Thanks for the trips to Long Beach and the Pike. Thanks for my first tape recorder too, which brought my love of music to life. I remember those days of you, Mom and your friends dancing at home to the sounds of Motown. You guys drove my love of music and this is where it’s taken me. I miss you so much and wish I got the chance to say goodbye. I know you're looking down on me from heaven. Look next to you and tell Uncle Jay hello for me.

My thoughts:

Music is an art that came to me naturally and was shaped by my Father. It reaches into my soul and gives me the true meaning of life. It relieves me in the worst of times and makes me smile in the best of times. When I play, I feel that it‘s the true connection to my Father, my Uncle Jay and my Grandmother. Three fingers to the air is an acknowledgement that they were loved and will never be forgotten. A tear means that this true man isn’t afraid to cry.

Born: San Diego, California

Home: Compton, California

Education: A lot. A College education isn't overrated. Ask me about saving lives (EMT) or JK flip/flop circuits (Science of Mechanical and Electrical Technology). I'm currently working on my second degree in Computer Science and Information Technology with a minor in Business Administration.

Occupation: Management Analyst

Current DJ Occupation: AM1620 (Poconos) and The Reewind Radio Network (Worldwide)

Business: Owner, DJ Whiz Productions®

Income: Damn good but money's not everything!

Why I DJ: Because I love it!

Music Styles: Hip Hop, R & B, Reggae and Old School.

Favorite Cars: R35Nissan GT-R & 1964 Impala SS

Favorite Color: Blue. Family knows why.

Favorite Quote: "Never forget where you're from. I owe it to the streets. CPT 4 Life" -- DJ Whiz.

Favorite Person: My Mom. I put her through a lot!

First Record owned: Elton John - "Bennie and the Jets"

My music: From Compton to Texas; from Boom Boxes to Turntables; from Brickhouse to the Dirty South; I've been a music lover all my life. Of course this didn't really go over well with my father being a Pastor and all. Mom definitely didn't appreciate the lyrics. What they did realize is that I had true talent and a love for music. So I broke away from the piano lessons and criticism and made it happen. Since then, music has been my hobby and sometimes my escape, relief and comfort. For me, it's all about the crowd. If they're happy, I'm happy. And oh yes, I'm a product of the ghetto. That's what makes me so strong. Got anymore questions, email me?

The Name: (DJ Whiz) Given to me at the age of 19 by Ricky Duckworth. He was a good friend of mine who looked out for the new youngster in the dormitory. All I did was spin and study. He and some friends thought I was good enough so they entered me in a DJ contest. I had no idea until I was picked up from work and we were on our way. My clothes and records were in the trunk. I asked what would I call myself......Ricky said "The Whiz Kid." I won, my career as a DJ took off and I lost my close friend Ricky who died on a basketball court in Korea at the age of 22. From that tragedy I grew, dropped "Kid" and went with "DJ Whiz." I owe my life to God, Mom & Pops but I owe my career to Ricky.

The History: Moved to Germany wanted to DJ. Was turned down by every club & every crew. Got called by an individual to become partners; worked Castel (Bitburg) on Saturdays and packed the house. We promoted, I DJ’d, soon after I got less bookings because “the crowd wasn't feeling my music” or at least that was the excuse. Found out I was getting paid 1/8 of the earnings for 2/3 of the work while he booked cheap DJs with no skill so I jetted. Got some calls and emails from Mike (Truplayaz). Thought he was like “THE OTHERS” ignored his calls. I decided to take an invite and check out one of his parties. So after months of passing out flyers/posters in freezing cold weather, having posters pulled down/covered up, and struggling to get established we got our break in Bonn. We held down clubs in Köln, Luxembourg and Prum. Hustling and beating down the tables, just like any other time, I made a name for myself and was a key ingredient to Truplayaz being on the map. Eventually it seemed like Truplayaz didn't require my services and in a lot of cases showed me little respect so I branched out on my own. I started my own page and went solo. Once the word got out, I started getting calls from everywhere. Soon I spread like wildfire. Costa Bravo, Frankfurt and Berlin......I'll be there. Hip Hop Concerts.......I'll be there. On the radio....I'll be there. In your CD players......I'll be there. If you ask anybody what makes them move, they'll tell you it's the beat and I've got plenty of them. I seized every opportunity, earned my respect in Europe just like Japan and the States. With passage of time and the spread of knowledge, me and my former partners of the past have resolved our differences. Although I'm a private franchise, we often hook up to do it right just for my fans. The rest is history and I thank you for your support.

Clubography (Europe):

Clubs in Germany - NeuSchwanstein (Köln), S90 (Köln), Diskothek Kajute (Binsfeld), Castel (Bitburg), Stargate (Niederprum), Club Mex/Stefi Club (Weilerwist), Bruckenforum (Bonn), The Forum (Neotting/Munich), Köln Cinedome (Arena), Club 2012 (Bitburg), Saber Club (Spangdahlem), The "Spot" Club (Trier), Black Beat Club and TEATRO (Köln) and Club Metropol (Baumholder), Opera (Köln), Club Static (Köln), Messepark (Trier), Exhaus (Trier), The STAGE and Black Sounds (Kaiserslautern), The Shpinx (Trier), Club Malibu (Sohren), Club XL (Mainz), Musikpark A1 (Trier), The Urban Kitchen (Frankfurt)Euro Palace (Mainz-Kastel), TONI Club (Trier), TruClub (Koln), Markthalle (Kaiserslautern), Palacio-Granada (Idar-Oberstein), Club Blaze (Landstuhl), Metropolis (Trier), The White Club (France), The Tube Club (Sankt Wendel), Carneby (Birkenfeld) and The Dome (Lorriane, France). Events: Anger Management Tour Afterparty w/DJ Green Lantern (Essen); Snoop Dogg/The Game afterparty w/DJ Jam (Köln); Keith Murray Concert Afterparty (Luxembourg), Joe Budden Concert (Köln), Lumidee & Scola Concert (Trier), "GERMAN SPRING BREAK" (Trier), Trillville Concert (Baumholder), Urban Comedy Show (Kaiserslautern), Petey Pablo Concert (Köln), Bohagon Concert (Köln), Lil Flip Concert (Köln), Lil Scrappy Concert (Trier), X-mas w/Nina Sky (Köln), Capone & N.O.R.E Concert (Mainz), Ron Browz Concert (Mainz), Mims Concert (Mainz), Ying Yang Twins Concert (Mainz), Petey Pablo Day (Frankfurt/Mainz).

Clubs in Luxembourg & France - Titanic (Esch), Pulp Club (Luxembourg) and Pop Dance Club (Luxembourg). The White Club (France).

Clubs in Spain - Special Gues at The Londoner (Costa Bravo/Lloret de Mar).

Clubography (Japan):
"Q"s Ropongi (Tokyo), Tokyo Broadcasting Service, Club Eddies (Fussa), Enlisted Club (Yokota AB), All Ranks Club (Yokosuka Naval Station), Pyramid (Nagano).

Clubography (Texas):
Dannelly Enterprises (San Antonio), Stuff Teen Night club (San Antonio), mixes featured on 90.1FM (San Antonio), NCO & Airmen's Club Lackland (San Antonio), Arnold Hall (San Antonio), Chaparral (San Antonio), Randolph Club (Universal City).